When Creation Takes A Breather

Poem By Gary James Smith

When creation takes a breather
And no longer has to exist
For it will be made anew in splendor
By that Son of Righteousness.
No, No, No!
God helping me, I'll refrain
From the unfruitful works of darkness
That blasphemes Jesus name.

Not one spot or wrinkle
Were on His garments found
Unrighteousness has no fellowship with
The One Who bore the crown.
His blood was shed for sinners
But blood not tainted such
Not with a body of human birth
But was virgin born for us.

That scoffer, scorner, screamer
That yelled out 'Crucify Him! '
Will gaze in awesome wonder when
Lord Jesus comes again.
and how the Spirit groaneth
Awaiting that coming day
When God the Father and God the Son
Experience Coronation Day.

When every knee shall bow
And every tongue confess
To the glory of God the Father
Who became sin for us no less
I'm glad that I have found Him
Who knows me through and through
And O my friend do not neglect
To find this Saviour too!

Copyright Gary James Smith
Email: garyjsmith2012@yahoo.ca

Comments about When Creation Takes A Breather

.., Ill gaze in awesome wonder too, till then Im afraid Ill choose reason over faith That being said, a nice piece of work on your faith

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