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When Darkness Falles
HC (1-16-1988 / Bakersfield Ca)

When Darkness Falles

Poem By Henry Craig

When darkness falls & covers the light the Angel I seek sleeps real tight. She lies so peaceful with sweet dreams tonight.
Now I know she is pure beauty in a Form of art from the sparkel in her eyes to her sweet smile which makes the sun rise.
As the light come threw the window & the rays light up her face which gives her a glow a glow of a Angel.
She wakes with a smile & A sparkel in her eye. She gets ready to walk the earth & catches everybodys eye.
Everyone takes a glance & a quick peek. To see the work of God & a true born treasure.
Now as the day begains to end you see the darkness covers the light.
And this Angel lay's back down with Sweet Dreams & A Good Night.
For a new day will begain where the ray's shall hit your face & your true beauty will shine.
For you are a true work of God & how I wish you would be mine.
But I know it is not ment to be atleast not at this time. So for now I stand by your side & hold your hand.
And as we stand hand in hand I look into your eye's just to say that 'I Love You' & I will always be by your side.
For I lean over to wisper in your ear you are an Angel & a work of God & I wll be here till the day I close my eyes
for them never to open agin. For from the sun rise to the sun set I think of you as an Angel.
& I say this to open up & show my feeling's I hope that you understand what I never find the word's to say.
Now I wish you a good life for I will always be here for you are my Angel.
I say this loud & clear for everyone to hear. Because it is not ever day where a Angel walks into your life.
Always & Forever

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