CLM ([2-6-93] / Charlotte, North Carolina)

When Darkness Turns To Light

Running back, to fear once felt,
Bringing you along, wishing it was someone else.
Blackness in the night, shaking in terrible fright,
Only having feelings, the were never quite right.

Blood runs from my wrist, and down onto my arm,
Jumping and twiching, from the painful alarm.
The blade once again, flowing across my skin,
Commiting selfish crime, and careless sin.

Looking ahead, to what may come my way,
Waking up, to another dreadful day.
Sitting by my window, looking out into the cold,
Never knowing, how much your love has to hold.

Pushing you away, further away from me,
Vengeance, isn't the key.
To unlock my hurt, unlock my pain,
There's something more far from here, that is only there to gain.

Holding your hand out, catching me as I fall,
Hatred, is only something you saw.
Picked me back up slowly, and you stared into my eyes,
You finally saved me, from the painful lies.

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Robert Frost

The Road Not Taken

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