When Darwin's Bulldog Chewed On Bones

Poem By Colin Breck Boardman

When Darwin's bulldog chewed on bones
He made a sharp distinction
Between the birds and those old stones
Left from the theropod extinction;
And what he saw amazed him so
He wrote it in a tidy book,
Which so outraged the status quo
They hardly opened it to look;
But now we read that feathered forms,
Like flighty Archaeopteryx,
Were the bridge before the storm
That blew them 'cross the River Styx.
Thus those that fled catastrophe,
Which Chicxulub did radiate
(A Cambrian apostrophe) ,
Found space and will to procreate.
So when you next look on the roof,
And see a lovebird or a raptor,
Remember they are living proof;
The dinosaur's evolving chapter.

(CBB Sept 2011)

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