When Dawn Spread Out Her Fingertips Of Rose

When Dawn spread out her fingertips of rose,
we went down to the sea, and there in the shallows,
in a protected place, you lay on your back in the brine,
gently buffeted by the incoming tide as I carefully upheld you
in my arms.

The small of your back rested upon the palm of my left hand,
and I cradled your face in the crook of my right arm.
Every now and again, I turned my back to the swells
to stop a rogue wave from crashing over you,
to protect your eyes from the stinging spray.

All the while your auburn hair spread out like a fan,
dancing in the water and gracefully trailing behind us,
and at length I flipped you onto your stomach,
one hand under the breastbone, the other around your slender hips.

Shortly thereafter, forcefully kicking against the undertow,
tirelessly outstretching each arm and hand in turn,
you demonstrated an Australian crawl of sorts.

And we both laughed when you exclaimed,
'Poseidon will simply have to wait;
his underlings must scour the seas elsewhere
in hopes of finding a more suitable mermaid! '

Even now I am amazed at the depth of your trust,
the way you, who prior to this day, had never so much as
waded into a cow tank, a pond, a river, or even a pool,
splashed in the surf.

I still remember teaching you to close your eyes,
to blow bubble after bubble into the ever surging tide.
I will never forget, how at the end of your lesson,
you draped your arms around my neck,
rewarding me with a salty kiss.

by William Jackson

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Dee is right you are extremely talented... I saw so many pics in my head I had to read it twice... oh man... your good. good job. *Purkey Girl*
Wowza...you are extremely talented I think...talk about leading the reader's imagination (or perhaps it was just my own...*blush*) Well done...love your poetry! Hugs, Dee
Oh...what a beautiful love poem this is...I can see it all..so many pictures given to us..trust love and faith...what can you say when a poem has got everything?
'When Dawn Spreads...' My imagination is seduced. The images alone provide an atmosphere that welcomes, with innuendo, a sexual encounter. However, I have laid on the beaches here in New England and the sight of a shell has given me a sense of drifting wonder. William, this poem is very romantic. I had gone to Padré Island some years back...while daswn was breaking and this poem reminds me of that as well. I also was with my ex-wife and we were laying there in each other's arms...that's there too! 'Fingertips of Rose...'? Hmmm...Texas' dawns are not like dawns here. Texas dawns AND sunsets have these 'hues' about them! This is a most interesting poem you have written, William. L
A piece that exhibits a viscous and visceral poignance, splendid and lovely in its vivid, brilliant imagery and its personification of the atmosphere - a main unspoken role in this piece, in my opinion. Passionate and powerful in its saccharine storytelling, an excellent read. - K.
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