When Death Comes

Poem By Padmore Enyonam Agbemabiese

when death comes
like the hungry bear in autumn;
I want to step through the door
into the festive season
of moments of life, away from pain

when death comes
its time to heave a sigh
lift our eyes to the blue sky above
while white clouds rise towards Heaven
as death is the way towards eternal life

our life is only a butterfly’s dream
so while yet we live on earth below
it’s time for giving, time for sharing
like the brilliant sun, always glaring
lets add some charm to life

lets strive for happiness in the Lord
re-unite our broken families,
wipe off our silent tears
with all warmth of love
lets spread peace and harmony
to fill this world with sanctity.

and when death comes at last
like the hungry bear in autumn
we’ll step through the door
into festive season above
with comfortable music in the mouth

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