JG (5th July 1988 / Manchester, England)

When Death Is Near

I am dying.
I can feel him breathing
Down the back of my neck.
I do not waste time crying,
And neither should you.
Your time shall come
And mine is near
He calls my name,
I take a breath
And stand with no fear.

I step closer to my
Final moments,
And I do so alone.
As I walk down the
Path of my life,
I realise how much
I have grown.
How far I have come
Since the day I arrived,
He glares at me with
Peircing eyes.

I breath again,
Deeper and slower,
Embracing the moment
That is my last.
And as i exhale,
I turn my head,
Looking back at my
Rocky past.

A single tear trickles
Down my cheek,
And falls the great
Hight I am looking down.
I follow it.
I take my last step
Into the air,
And carve my path towards the ground.

I close my eyes,
Lean into the wind,
And begin my decent.
I fall for what feels like
A life time, My life time.
But I do not repent.
I was born nothing,
I lived for nothing,
And now I am nothing.

Nothing but a whisper
On a gentel breeze.
In that final moment,
I will forever freeze.

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