~~when Depression Climbs Up The Wall~~

Poem By Patricia Etienne

Down and under
Below black skies
Heavy clouds follow
As though with legs
Clomping the air road
Striving to escape as always try
Down and under
Rain water burns
Down and under
Where light is gloomed
Each step forward
Is found to go backward
Exhale a heavy cry
Who's there to hear
the voice echoing
The woods to sink down deeper
Down and under
Shoulders shrug down
Sleepy eyes unable to open
Within the four walls
Darkness is glorified
Light becomes the intimate enemy
Sweet taste commands the stomach walls
Marriage is made with the fluffy blanket
Down and under
Does not rhyme with shine
Snow cascade from skies to heart
Unable to reason or to smile
Tearful eyes relieve pain
Feelings of worthless invade soul
Suicidal thoughts take over Grim's weapon
Deep feet under make the last move

Note from Author:
Depression is a serious disease. Allow yourself to see the symptoms and be proactive

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