When Did Things Change

When did potatoes become dehydrated
Why doesn't Pepsi and Coke still taste good
It never fails to make me irritated
That nothing seems to taste like it should

There used to be tastes on which we all relied
That we could count on like an old trusted friend
Now most everything is genetically modified
I ask you "where's it all going to end? "

I used to love really good potato chips
And I really hate be a drag
But I realize no sooner do those chips pass my lips
That I'd be better off scarfin' down the plastic bag

And don't get me started on today's fish
I might just as well be eating fillet of cat
For after digging through the breading I wish…
Someone could tell me where the fish is at?

And whatever happened to plain ol' paper bags
With these plastic bags now I'm just not copin'
I usually end up with a pile of plastic rags
Whatever happened to bags that were easy to open?

Is it just me? Am I all alone in this way
The only one to feel as I do?
That things shouldn't change…darn near everyday
…Or does It seem that way to you too? ...

by David Whalen

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