I'll fly away
Up to the sky
There's nothing more to say
When i'm up this high

Someday i'll jump and reach the stars
Someday i'll dance and sing on mars
I'll be who i am
if you be who you are

Im still young
I need to move on
And prove myself
To everyone else

I can reach the sky
I'll reach the stars
I'll fly up so high
You be who you are
And i'll be who i am

And someday the sunlight will shine down
And make you glow
And someday a smile will replace that frown
I hope you know

Someday you'll reach for the skies
And you'll touch the moon
I can't promise you anything but that day
should be soon

Someday you'll touch the moon
Someday you'll reach the stars
Be who you are
Because it'll happen someday

by Cleo Blue

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