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When Dreamworld Turns To Hell
SN ( / Finland)

When Dreamworld Turns To Hell

In my dreamworld we used to dance among the blooming roses
While the smiling sun laughed with us
The life was how we wanted it to be
Perfect and filled with happiness
Now in the ruins of my destroyed dreamworld
I bury the dead roses and welcome the stormy rain
In my broken life i curse your name and cry my pain
The angels have flied away with all the beauty and the grace
The devils now dance on grave of happiness
Alone in my empire of ache i can only try and forget every memory of you
Walking down this line i will find only more holes for my heart
Breaking on my knees will only expose my weakness for more abuse
This dreamworld has now become my hell
Fire of your touch is still scorching me like a flame
It's my bad dreams come true
Living this life without you.

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another great poem by Sam Hill, u never to cease impress me. Please on keep on writing - Ryu-Ohki Kenshin