When Enough Is Enough

I'm getting pulled here, I'm getting begged there,
I never say no, but is it just because I care?
Or is it just in me to please everyone,
Should I forget about me and all that I need to get done?

Jay do this for me, and Lou Lou please send me some money,
And all I can think is I can't, but what comes out is okay honey.
Working two jobs and going to school is ruff,
I am up all day, then I study at night and that is tough!

I become sick and stressed, but no one comes to my rescue,
You just don't know all that I have been through!
Loving someone who does not love me back,
Treating someone with the upmost who in return doesn't know how to act.

I am full of hurt, but I guess I haven't overflowed,
God won't give me more than I can bare, this I know.
But when enough is enough and I can't take it anymore,
Goodbye, ungrateful people, I'll be on my way out the door!

by Jacquanta Shootes

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