MB (February 4,1989 / )

When Ever It Feels So Right

why is it that whenever things start to get better
and we start to be friends instead of mortal enimies
i have to go and say something that causes a fight
and things arent all right
all i want is for you to hold me in your arms and tell me that things will be alright
but i guess this dreams is never going to come true
if im dreaming i never want to wake up
i never want to leave you again
i want to wake up and see your face in the morning sun
i want to go to sleep and see your face cast in the shadows
i want your face to be there in my sleep
but why is when ever things start to feel right again
they always fall apart
i know its only my fault
i dont know how or why
but lately if this is our ralationship
im afraid its gonna die
why is it whenever we start to feel good again
it always
falls apart

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