What Makes A Hero?

Be assured
It is no glamorous thing

Dirt and sweat
Blood and tears
Ammo and camouflage
Bullets and blood
Tears and pain
Danger and death

These are the makings
Of a hero

A hero does not boast or brag
He is strong and silent
He works swiftly and with skill
Amidst turmoil
With bullets flying all around him
He looks past the danger

by Red Leg

Comments (3)

a poetry of great passion, a poetry of heartache, a poetry on way of life, a poetry on the beauty of a dream....marvelous words merging to come up with a very passionate piece...i love to keep on reading this....i never knew a heart could smile until i read this piece....a beautiful scenery is vividly captured in your written words...10++++++ as usual...and my vote....
I am impressed by your choice of word combinations. I find them perfectly aligned in this poem. It was a beautiful reading. GW62
A rich use of language and imagery. Take care. Warm regards, Sandra