When Facing American Soldiers

Poem By RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Disturbing thoughts of evil are being shown all over the
world, trying to frighten us, yet they are having the
opposite effect here in America.

Making us angry and out for blood, hating the fact that
innocent women and children are being raped, tortured
and killed.

Nothing being stronger as urges to get angry and go after
these evil demons and pedophiles are abounding, standing
up for goodness, never backing down in the face of danger.

Wanting to help those who are being harmed in such a
horrendous way for absolutely no reason, other than lust
and perversion.

Being just as evil and bad as Hitler, Stalin and Jeffrey
Dahmer, who do these demons think they are dealing with,
their own egos being bloated our of proportion.

Doing whatever they feel like doing, hurting so many
innocent people that cannot protect themselves, yet,
when faced with American soldiers the perverts run.

Even more so when seeing a woman raising a gun, pointing
it at them and pulling the trigger, afraid of losing
their seventy virgins by dying at a woman's hand.

What kind of asinine perverted people came to that insane
conclusion, how crazy can they be when fulfilling their
perverted desires and lust! !

Comments about When Facing American Soldiers

A great tribute to American soldiers. I agree, those killers are cowards and evil.
Aloha RoseAnn... Abet this is abit discombobulated... and why all the worries about the other side of any thing? give any idiot a firearm and a badge or uniform... and you get just what you have described herein...the same thing occurs all over this world... This is why the elite of each nation get together and play 'God... planning and instigating 'wars'... to control the burgeoning populations that cannot be ruled by 'common sense'... You must consider how you get the information you use to write this diatribe... Fixed news... that to is a tool, used to keep you stirred up about things you cannot control... so that you can be controlled... by not paying attention to the projection of the hand about to crush you in this lifetime... Think about researching Enron and see who the true enemies of US all are... and please do not minimalize the issues by suggesting that the actions being expressed by the insanity caused by US is solely blamed to perverted desires and lust... that is way to simplified and is a misunderstanding of the issues of the conflicts you seek to write about... do a massive amount of research and find out the truth of these matters, and which side it is that starts this behavior in the first place... All of the best from this life, to you, and all of your relations... Michaelw1two

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