When Forgiveness Can'T Be Forgiven


Love is a virtue,
Based on forgiveness and peace.

But once -
True love is established between two,

Then parting or leaving
Cannot be agreed in any case.

The depth of love
Can never forgive the parting in between.

On peace and forgiveness,
Love's plinth may be built upon.

But once the cocoon is formed with love
Forgiveness never exists.

The attachment between two true lovers
Is so strong and concrete,

They don't agree with any parting
Though mortality does exist.

Thus selfless love becomes so selfish
Once true love is formed between the two.

True lovers' love never exhausts
neither forgets nor forgives.



by Amitava Sur

Comments (3)

This poem is unique in every way, the title is very well titled and the concept is definitely unconventional and it is simple and very well composed.....Amitavaji.......well deserved 10/10
Thus selfless love becomes so selfish Once true love forms between the two. Prating in true love, a question does not arise. Nice poem.
An exceptional poem, Amitava! Your title alone drew me in! Forgiveness Can't Be Forgiven, that is profound in and of itself. You are correct, when true love is established between two people there can be no parting in between, even though mortality does exist. This kind of love is so very rare on this earth, even it's explanation doesn't come close to exposing it's truth. Until now, that is! You have described it so perfectly and simply it seems you have become a master of it. Absolutely love this poem! You can have as many 10's as you would like! Thank you, Amitava, this is a wonderful poem. RoseAnn