(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When Given Love

We live with wishes to know what love is.
To not know when it comes.
With it had to have it until it goes.
Wanting it to feel more than anyone can show.
Or say.
And still we live with wishes,
To know what love is.
Expecting it to fit an image.
As if love should satisfy and address,

A look we seek complete with 'forever' attached to it.
And a promise to fulfill a passing whim.
Before one's heart is felt,
With a willingness to another to give.
On a risk to take it will be cherished.
And not broken to break.
Like many do when given love.
Only to take for granted what love is.
To wish for it to get,
But can not welcome its value to appreciate...
When love comes unexpectedly to arrive.
Without an image to fit or announcement to make.
Celebrate the blessing bestowed.
Done to experience the effectiveness of its bloom.

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