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When God Asks You

You can quote the Bible from creation
But, that doesn't make us a Christian nation,
Just because you found a couple biblical verses
So, many will empty out their hearts, wallets and purses.
You think now that you are very blessed
A couple of Bible verses, but you forgot all the rest,
Upon a podium you stand and you speak
You confuse the righteous, and those who are gullible and weak.
God will see your heart as many see their own blisters
So, how do you care about your other brothers and sisters,
The ones who are the immigrants and also the migrants
Trying to escape poverty, and storms, and even tyrants.
You said that they were nothing more than animals in our land
They are humans, and against them you want us to stand,
Just think, for a better life and living what would you do;
Better yet, what will you say when God asks you.

Randy L. McClave

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