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When God Was Man

Once on the earth there was only Adam
It was a long time before he had his madam,
The creatures of the world he would daily greet;
As he walked alone in his bare feet.
Then upon the earth with man he walked in tandem
To be equal and not better wasn't a thought random,
Then daily the creatures and Adam he would meet;
He met them also in his two bare feet.

He lived in the time when true hate did begin
He died on the cross for our every sin,
In his time the youth were well known as vandals;
Wearing their flowing robes, and their sandals.
He didn't wear the clothes of the rich men
With the poor and working class he wanted to fit in,
There was crime and also there was scandals;
He too wore a flowing robe, and sandals.

He now looks upon the world in this modern time
With all of its corruption and greed and crime,
For the poor and the middle class he will always clap;
While still wearing his robe, and now also a ball cap.
Upon a social ladder he needs not to climb
He enjoys to save and also to protect and to rhyme,
He now enjoys to dance and also to rap;
Jesus in a flowing robe, and now wearing a ball cap.

Randy L. McClave

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