(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When Greed Is The Issue

There is one thing he needs not try any longer,
To convince others he can do.
He is one of the biggest liars on Earth.
No certification is needed to prove that's true.

Everything he has done is evidence.
He carries that in his attitude.
Someone inept ever given authority...
Never disappoints,
They have incompetence they wish to prove.

Implusive and self indulgent.
Insecure and intelligence free.
People like this seldom admit...
Listening to others is at the top of their list.
They find that demeaning,
Since they would have to sit...
Through a learning process.

Of course he is ignorant.
But having wealth doesn't make one smart.
And obtaining that all one has to accomplish...
Is to know the art of conniving.
And enlist others to take part.
Especially when greed is the issue...
With deception in one's heart!

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