(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When Has Honesty Proven To Be A Positive Thing

Corrupted intentions seldom succeed.
Even those who believe,
They have a clear strategy...
Risk losing their delusions to see them fail.
And explanations for failure are never done.
Not if it means a seeking from where deception comes.

But a choosing to criticize,
A truth told not to hide or disguse...
Has left family members, friends, spouses and others,
In close relationships despising one another...
Because someone had dared to be honest.
With a choosing to live a life to pursue truth.

'There is always 'somebody' going to be negative.'

~What's negative about being honest? ~

'When has honesty proven to be a positive thing?
When has anyone ever accepted it?
And don't be looking up at the sky,
As if the answer is there.
It aint.
I did that for years and haven't found it up there yet.'

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