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When Heaven Was Full
ALR (11 December 1970 / Pretoria)

When Heaven Was Full

Poem By Arno Le Roux

The light years across His massive old desk,
Was strewn with the plans as always the best,
Another sun and a moon the challenge the test,
Would He again built a heaven and rest?
Then Gabriel from searching came back one cold night,
His wings were aflame and weary of flight,
Out of breath angels followed with might,
But none could keep up with Gabriel's flight,

No need then for another heaven to make!
I found it! I found it! It's there for the take,
Designer Supreme then from Gabriel did take,
The layout of Paris in Europe that state,
Believe me it's perfect in Paris as here!
With art, violins, love and food just like here!
A legion of angels was summoned to hear,
The music by mortals to them brought a tear,

Across from the vastness of time and all space,
The music left earth and to heaven did race,
Then cover the place with more music and lace!
I found there on earth for heaven a place!
So then in Paris of all the Designer above,
Had then made a rule and His rule was to love,
At night and only at night He climbed down,
He left all the heavens to walk through the town,

His angels again a couple had seen,
Inviting God's love as in a beam,
Two lovers looked down from the bridge to the stream,
Their love so immortal now more than a dream,
He awaited the hug then the touch and the kiss,
Closing their eyes on that bridge of bliss,
Again passers by again they would miss,
God would again make angels form this,

So next time you're holding your lover so tight,
And footsteps draw closer on a cold night,
Keep closer your eyes and your lover the same,
Please think of nothing but only their name,
The Designer again search for lovers you see,
Using his violin a paintbrush for thee,
When after the first kiss the world is a blur,
When your mind and your heart and your speech is a slur,

Arno Le Roux 20l4

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