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When Hitler Came To Breakfast
DK (1951 / UK)

When Hitler Came To Breakfast

When Hitler came to breakfast
He just sat quietly there
With that silly little moustache
And that dark and greasy hair.

He didn't really talk much
And he had a frightened look
We tried to jolly him along
By practising salutes.

I really hate that Brooks man
He finally exclaimed
With that awful movie
Now remind me what's its name?

We all sat stunned in silence
No one dared to speak
We'd got it from the video store
Only just last week.

Oh we've never seen THAT movie
We said in unison
But then we gave the game away
By humming that one song.

You know the one i mean i said
The best one on the score
I don't know that one at all he said
Can you sing a little more?

Can you imagine me and Hitler
Singing in our hall
Singing 'bout his regime
And his eventual fall.

'Springtime' warbled Hitler
Was the time i liked the best
In those freezing bunkered winters
I wore itchy woollen vests.

I might just like that movie
It shows a side of me
That Eva may just once have glimpsed
But others didn't see.

I suddenly was woken
And where this breakfast it had been
The room now was quite empty
And I awoke as from a dream.

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