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When I Am Laid Out

When I am dead and they lie me out to view
I wish not to be laid out in a suit and a tie,
That is not the way that I want to have my final adieu
So, I hope they do not dress me up after I die.
On my feet I wish to wear some comfortable shoes
And also I would like to wear a nice pair of dress jeans,
My shirt doesn't have to make the mourner's reviews
As I don't want to be known as being better than my means.
Who knows how we are seen the day that we are judged
Maybe, as I think we might be wearing nothing at all,
So, this one thought of mine from which I will not be budged
Will be the clothes that I will be wearing in the funeral hall.
I want to be comfortable when I go to my final rest
No parties do I think that I will be available to attend,
All that I want is to be prepared for my next quest
And the souls that I might meet, them I do not wish to offend.

Randy L. McClave

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