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When I Am Long Gone And Forgotten

When I am long gone and forgotten one hundred years from now or more
Will songbirds be heard in the Woodlands will gulls be heard by the Sea-shore?
Will wombats, roos, koalas and possums be heard calling, will elephants be heard trumpet, will lions and tigers be heard roar?
For Wildlife is under threat of extinction more so now than ever before,
What would the World be like without birdsong that extinction is forever is so true
Those who fight to save the Woodlands for Wildlife only admiration are due
Human's buildings on Land for Wildlife some only know how to take but not share
We salute those who stand up for Nature for the future generations they care,
I worry for the children of the future they may never hear a bird sing
For the World would be far lonelier and bleaker without the feathered minstrels of the Spring
Many Humans don't love Mother Nature with her they only see fit to compete
And some are the worst sort of predators they kill some things that they don't even eat,
When I am long gone and forgotten will every young girl and young boy
Hear wild animals call and birds singing such things that you and I enjoy?

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