Let Us Go Gentle With The Nature

Let us go gentle with the nature
It has given us many
Blessings to be proud of

Learn your Botany, Anatomy,
Geography, Astronomy, etc…
Before it is too late

Regardless of what the nature
Is giving us
A non-wise person will always

Fail to see the good side of it
He or She will only see curse
But let the rest of us go gentle with the nature…


by Frederick Kambemba Yamusangie

Comments (1)

Oh my gosh, Adrienne, this has such intensity. i dig it. but i think if i were to change 2 minor things it would be: 'that beats' is redundant-just 'beats' would be more effective. & in the last lines: dead. her truth, survives, in you. the overall feel of this one is incredible. Sus.