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When I Am Of The Deceased

When i am of the deceased some who did know of me
May say he was a rhymer one of the ordinary
For many years of his life he was a rhyming buff
And he was one of those who wrote reams of rhyming stuff
He was not well educated to be one of literary note
Though so much time and effort to writing rhymes he did devote
On writing rhyming verse he wasted so much time
But at least he is at peace now he has written his last rhyme
At least one can say of him that he did do his own thing
The praises of so many in his rhymes he did sing
And though he like many others once aspired to be a poet
He will not be remembered for any rhymes he wrote
One can only hope that from life his was a painless release
He was not a bad old fellow may he now rest in peace.

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