When I Am With You

Calm waters reflecting a blue sky
A green forest shoreline
Birds soaring underneath perfectly placed clouds

Silent snow in a crisp dry cold
Snowflakes flirting
Sun shining, reflecting the brilliant white

Waves slowly sweeping across the sand
Shells magically appearing
Footprints fading with the incoming tide

Soft rain gently falling across the lawn
Droplets splashing together
Cleansing the taint of day

by Jack Prost

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Comments (5)

Nicely done Jack. Very nice.
Great write Jack, enjoyed reading this poem. I give it a 10.
a lovely picture in words
so picturesque-- calm waters, green forest, snowflakes flirting, droplets splashing-- i couldnt have asked for more +++10 regards anjali
i can feel the atmosphere too.............the calmness