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When I Close My Eyes
(may 4th 1992 / )

When I Close My Eyes

Poem By Naomi Pepper

When i close my eyes i see you
even when i didn't know you i always
seen you. Then when i opened my i always
asked myself who is this person in my dreams.
Then when i finally meat you i said to my self hey
maybe this is the guy.Then when i cled them that
night i saw you agian. The same hair, same eyes, same every thing.
So i thought to my self maybe this is the man that god wants me
to be with.Sure enough you are. So baby i love you and i am never goign to stop loveing you. Now that we are together nothing can come between us.So now i do not have a stang man in my dreams i have you the love of my life.

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A dream fulfilled. GW62