When I Closed My Eyes


When I closed my eyes, for the final time,
I was heading for a place, that is so devine,
yes, I was traveling, this time all alone,
because the heavenly father has called from his mighty throne,
and as I traveled, my heart rejoices and sings,
soon I will be guided by a pair of angel wings,
soaring up to heaven, to where our father lives,
I can see the angels doing, the little chores he gives,
the mighty door swings open, till it's open wide,
then I feel a gentle nudging for me to go inside,
I hear a kind of swishing sound, coming from his throne,
then I hear his gentle voice, as he says, welcome home,
your trials are all over, your work on earth is through,
come into my mansion, I have some chores for you
you lived as a sinner, so you must atone,
I'll make you a winner and bring you into my home,
no, you were not perfect in your life below,
so grab some angel wings and on your way you'll go,
from somewhere close behind me, I heard a frightened scream,
I opened up my eyes again, it was all a dream.

written by Harry Bryant
3/26/08 6: 29 AM ©
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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