When I Die

Dear wife, as you know I am a little older
than the years that have passed for you
and it seems to me there is a probability
that I will die before you do.
So I thought that I might write some words
to comfort you in your distress
Should I have departed
then you will be reading this.

These words are full of love and warmth
and it seems to me,
if these words are true
it would be good to put them in a poem
for all the world to see.
There might be a few more private things
that are meant for just and only you
but I can write them somewhere else
that is special to us two.

So firstly I must say with all my heart
even though I did depart
please do not let that make you dark.
The world is full of hope
and your heart full of the light
that will guide you in my absence
through the very darkest night.

Do not think that on my behalf
you must spend any time in grieving
this life is most precious
and I must implore you
please fill it with the very best
with every joy and happiness
no please. please do not grieve for me.

As you go about your life
and look upon our child
I am sure that you will be reminded
of all the times both good and bad
that we did meet together hand in hand.
First just two of us and then with our son
who shines more bright than any star
even brighter than the sun.
But in remembering do be content
for those many years we spent
in each others arms
there are so many that are not blest
with those magic times you charmed.

When a decision you must make
you can still speak with me
just visit memory and ask yourself
and you will know exactly what I'll say
just as you always knew
before the words could reach my mouth.
And if in doubt just look inside your heart
for I know I will still be there
and from there I never can depart.

That's all there is to say
no more is needed now
except that I will keep my promise
that I sincerely vowed.
And as you asked I will wait for you
in my next life to
so that I can give your new incarnation
all the little things that in this life
I may have not had time to do.

by David Taylor

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you worked this poem, David. take care.