When I Die

When I die I want them to bury me
Somewhere out on the lone Prairie.
Where the prairie grass grows high in June
And the whipperwills sing a mournful tune.
Where crickets chirp all through the night
And prairie hens scamper from your sight.
Where cattle feed on the jimson weed
And prairie winds blow the tumbleweed.
Where coyotes howl at a big full moon
Out where the sage and cactus bloom.
Let me rest aside the trail I traveled long,
On the peaceful prairie on which I roamed.
Bury me out where my spirit can roam free,
Not in some uptown lonesome old cemetery.
Don't mourn for me or grieve at my loss,
There, my spirit will still be its own boss.
Carve on my marker, "He is now at rest,
On the beloved prairie that he loved best."
Have a cowboy sing for me, my eulogy,
"Here lies a cowboy who is now home free."

by Bill Halbert

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