(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When I Discovered My Given Name

When I discovered my given name 'is' Lawrence...

(Named after my father.
Who on 'his' birth certificate says Lawrence 'A'.
And I'm suppose to be a junior with no 'A' attached.
Go figure!)

...and not 'Larry' as I am still called by family members,
And very close friends.

People who 'knew' me became upset,
When I began calling myself 'Lawrence'.
Saying I thought I was better than the others.
And that I was not 'real' OR down-to-Earth!

'Does this sound a bit crazed?
I wanted to call myself by my 'real' name...
And folks who didn't have my name,
Became upset!
Pure insanity...
Isn't it? '

There's more...

But my parents did not name me Larry.
They named me Lawrence.
And my father everyone called Lawrence...
Decided he was going to be called 'Larry'.
I'm not going to say he was a jealous man.
That's a different story!

And I decided to become as REAL as possible!
Even adopting an African name, Suhuba...
Of the Yoruban language.
Meaning 'laurel' or of the Sun.
And 'that' made some folks furious.
Family members became outraged...
Because I sought 'identity'.
And I was accused of wanting to be 'white'.

These are the same folks who call for unity of all kinds!
But they don't know 'who' they are to unify.
And 'why' or for what!

That's how ignorant some environments,
And the people can be!
Divided into segments of conditioned realities.

God bless 'em!

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