When, I Dont Find Your Presence..

Unwanted fury excite me,
When I don’t find your presence,
Bundle of question and answers pester me,
When I don’t trace you near,
I can’t bear your moving apart,
Even a short separation,
Hold me perturbed,
But... I do...
Realize that you constantly draw back,
And say in a quick piece, ” I miss u “…

That time, as if, I slacken my understandability,
And just inform, “Go away, I don’t care about you “

My words don’t move with my mind,
And I close stage doing activities without wits,
I speak ahead, “don’t talk to me anymore “

All at finish, I think why I do mistake and frustrate you?
As always I position you beside me…
Showering your love,
So, why a moment absence distress me?

I don’t understand my uncalled- actions,
But it makes me pursue simply one thing,
That ‘I love u ‘
And it just makes me crazy...
When, I don’t find your presence.

by Richa Dhodi

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Its good that you have started puting ur emotions on paper. After some fine tuning, I am sure u will prove ur talent. Thanx.