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When I Dream I Dream Of Belgrave

It's the home of 'Puffing Billy' it's one just claim to renown
And the Premier Town of Sherbrooke that is little Belgrave Town
Forty k's south east of Melbourne where the mountain grays stand tall
And where when darkness cloaks the forest one can hear the boobook call.

I do like this Town Dimboola in the Wimmera Mallee
And i've lived here for twenty five years but still Belgrave's home to me
I was raised by Sherbrooke forest and i have good memories
Of my very happy childhood in the land of tall gum trees.

When i dream i dream of Belgrave and those mountains far away
And the gum woods of Kallista where i roamed in boyhood day
I can hear the lyrebid singing, hear the spotted dove's soft coo
And the wheezy creaky door voice of the gang gang cockatoo

I like this place Dimboola though the desert lands are dry
And the desert trees are small trees and no forest meet the eye
But i come from distant mountains and the hills are in my blood
And when i dream i dream of Belgrave and the woods of my boyhood.

'Yes' i like this Town Dimboola and 'tis here i'm meant to stay
But my dreams are of the forest and those mountains far away
And the man can leave the mountain there is little doubt he can
But you cannot take the mountain out the heart of mountain man.

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