When I Feel Like God

Poem By Raj Thampi

and while barren deceptions do not work

Come to my temple
Naked feet
Leaving your collection
Of old dirty shoes
Outside the premise forever.
Come to me
To find the Consolation you aspire
And a place to wash off your sins
Lie within the ambit of my temple.
Come to me
When you are left with no other place to go
And after your futile search to find me
In mere human masses.
Come to me
When you are rejected and abandoned
And your own blood mocks your existence.
Come to me
When you know I exist and
And your existence meaningless without
My presence.

I feel like GOD
Give to me your helpless gestures and complaints
And I will hold you through Samsara.
Come to me
Doors of my temple are waiting for you.

Comments about When I Feel Like God

I appreciate your feel like God, bcz very rare people can feel it. Moreover, nobody can be like God. So keep this feeling always inside you.
Thank you Sasha. It was great to feel like GOD for few moments *smiles*

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