When I Finally Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes
for the last time
I want to have lived,
really lived.

I want to know I've tasted
the smorgasbord of life.
I want to have relished the good
and spat the bad back out,
knowing at least I tried it.

When I'm done here,
I don't want to wonder
if someone caught
the kiss I threw,
I'll know.

I don't want to leave
with a heart as empty
as my pockets.

I want to know without a doubt
I've left something of me behind,
something that's good, not regret
for never making a difference.

When I close my eyes
for the last time,
I would like someone to remember
... I was here.

by C.J. Heck

Comments (1)

Oh my God, C.J. This poem is awesome! I feel like this all the time! Fabulous job. S