When I First Saw You

i first saw you on that summer sunday
ravens dancing in your wild hair
the warmth of the sunny sun sun upon us
as death smiled

my eyes like furry monsters
followed you
the sweet sweet flow

and in my dreams
we touched the face of god...
and danced

what was it like to have such wings
and not be an angel

i hardly knew you then
but much better than i know you now

and all the mornings of the world were not enough
and you could not kill 'the infinite sadness'
that this terrible gravity has left in your soul
like a heavy blanket over a still singing bird
slow and tangled
my god....you were so beautiful..

i remember our last night together
as we prayed in the darkness
you held on to me like a crucifix
trembling with tenderness

i now know that 'i loved you'
and i wish you could hear me now
but you gave in to that one mystery
that makes a ghost of us
and now you are wrapped in cold earth and wood
pale as the moon...

but i remember when i first saw you
on that summer sunday...

and so my love....
i will send you a prayer with each new morning
and ' live in the light and kiss the stars'
as you once did..

..until we meet again my love..

by Anthony Charles King

Comments (2)

To late Anjana. Anthony didn't make it. At least these poems did.
So lovely....And sad.... Your dribblings as you phrase it are definitely worth reading. Do keep writing. Anjana