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When I Go (Message From My Mother To My Father)

When I’m gone, I will be
quiet as a mouse;
My scent upon the pillow still,
But I will have left the house.

When I go, I’ll slip away;
God will call the tune -
My breath still warm upon your cheek,
But I shall have left the room.

When I go, I’ll take with me
That which we adore;
Our children’s love, their children’s too –
I shall not want for more.

When I go, I’ll go in peace,
In that good night air;
Leaving a trail of memories –
You will still find me there.

When I go, I won’t go far,
Just out of your sight –
Singing and waiting, patiently,
Until the time is right.

And, when it’s time for you to go,
Know that I am here,
Singing, waiting, for you, my love –
The love I hold most dear.

by Sailing to windward

Comments (4)

Very very good. I liked it from start to finish,
Extremely and loveingly moving. A Love even stronger than death.
What a great poem and fantastic tribute. Brilliant write.
Great poem It makes me think back to my mothers departure I hope she arrived safely at her destination. Thanks for sharing. BB : O)