(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When I Had A Crush On You

When I had a crush on you,
You acted as if I did not exist.
You persisted to avoid my advances.
Some of them were innocently delivered.

When I had a crush on you.
You wanted to play hard to get.
At least that is how I interpreted it!
As you intentionally flirted with others.

When I had a crush on you...
You toyed with my emotions.
And put me through the best tests,
I have ever yet from anyone else I've met.

When I had a crush on you,
The last thing I expected...
Was to hear you say to me, 'I do'.

And ever since marriage has happened to us...
I find myself rushing to the door.
After fussing and cussing in a rage,
Pacing the floor.

Wondering 'where' you kept your fangs,
And 'how' did that monster I see now...
Every other day,
Manage to stay away from my view!

When I had a crush on you!

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Comments (3)

This poem reminds me of my parents. ahaha! I like it. Keep writing! Peace out, Lexi Baby
Maybe that why they call it a crush.... because it can crush the life out of you!
Frightening - you just never know who you are really getting involved with until later years... but then there are some Frankensteins out there who may just create the monster. I am not having a dig at you my friend, I just had to share a funny thought :)