When I Have A Troubled Heart

I have a troubled heart today, and need guidance from my Loving God,
Some gentle guidance by His Staff, not an admonishment with His Rod.

I know His Word is very clear, as a Christian I have no need to fear,
And even in times of doubt I need to remember Christ is always near.

The Holy Sprit then gently guides my heavy heart back into His Word,
Back to very comforting passages that many times in the past I heard.

I read about great Godly men, who had trials much greater than mine,
And how the same Great God I know, delivered them in His own time.

And throughout the entire Bible and each and every individual story,
Are actual timeless accounts of Eternal God's Divine Grace and Glory.

I read how God saved Joseph and used him to sustain a great nation,
Joseph was then used by God to save Israel, His special new creation.

Special indeed, for out of her would come God's Divine Revelation,
And out of her a child was born to bring the whole world Salvation.

And it was Christ, who said as Believers we would have tribulation,
But His overcoming of the world fills me with cheer and anticipation.

And my own trials seem so light, next to The Lord's heavy affliction,
So standing in the peace of The Lord is my hearts deep conviction.

God's Word is dearer to me, for it's not just simple words on a page,
For He said, He would be with me always, even to the end of the age.

(Copyright © 03/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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