(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

When I Have Bouts With Depression

I can get depressed.
The 'whoa-is-me'
Down low funky kind!
The kind that collects ever depressed feeling
Stored in my memory.
You know...
The kind that changes facial expressions?
The kind a man doesn't want to turn on the bathroom light,
To shave!
I've had those days.
My ex-wife use to say,
I was going through a monthy crisis!
As if my living through her 'experience'
Increased my joy!

When I have bouts with depression...
They seem to come right after I have paid a bill!
My mom use to say...
'Be happy you can get your bills paid.'

Of course she also use to tell us...
'Be happy with what you have.
Think of all those starving Chinese children! '

One thing has been made certainly clear.
Not one Chinese child have I ever seen starving.
And there are at least three Chinese restaurants,
A few blocks from where I live!

And now they own this country's debt!
That's part of why I can get sometimes depressed.
I took four years of college French.
When I went to Paris a few years ago...
I didn't understand a thing they said!
Plus there are boiled eggs in every sandwich they make,
It seems.
And they drink wine like I can dwon a bottle of juice!
But those Chinese...?
They've got it going on!
From being masters of the sea...
To discipline, clothing and obviously economies.
The only thing they have not imported yet...
Is their language!

And I guess that's why I am of late depressed.
Because I am beginning to realize,
How closely their language is associated...
With the Egyptian hieroglypics!
And all that has to happen now...
Will be the young folks figuring out,
A way to put all of this crap to rap!

'You're not having a good day,
Are you? '

I'll get over it!
Did you see the Olympics?
Beijing did a great job, huh?

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