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When I Hear The Song 'Afton Waters'

When I hear the song 'Afton Waters' it author Robert Burns comes to mind
The National bard of his Country Scotland and his equal so hard to find
His songs have lived on through the centuries in Scotland they have Burns day
One can sense the music in his poems with words the great bard had a way.

Whenever i read the poem 'Afton Waters' i feel like bursting into song
The river made famous by Burns i fancy i can hear babbling along
From the highlands down through the heather it will flow on forever more
Through places made famous by Burns it flows towards the Atlantic shore.

The great one who penned Afton Waters was born with a poetic soul
His songs sung all over the World from the north to the southern pole
On the banks of the old Afton river the wildflowers are blooming in Spring
And amongst the babble of the rapids the white breasted dipper does sing.

When i hear someone sing Afton Waters my heart it is singing with joy
I first heard it sung by an Irish Traveller at a horse fair when i was a boy
One of the many songs of Robert Burns a great poet who died in his prime
The Ploughboy who became World famous his legend it lives on in time.

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