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When I Hear You Brag

When i hear you brag about your great successes i need that like a bullet in the head
For i am one who struggles for survival and in my moments of despair i do envy the dead
Good luck to you i say and may you prosper but when you tell us of your brand new motor car
And of your marvellous career promotion you are telling us of how marvellous you are.

I am sick and tired of people with big egos and their type sad to say are never rare
Humility with them is quite a stranger their success stories with the World they want to share
Their love of self with them becomes narcissistic and others they are out for to impress
And with them me, myself and I are most important and they want to tell the World of their success.

Forgive me if i do seem a bit cynical if i come across in a negative sort of way
But i grow sick and tired of people with big egos and they are not scarce i meet with them every day
Perhaps of them i may feel a bit jealous since i view them in a negative sort of way
I just can't bear them singing their own praises self praise is no praise some are known to say.

When i hear you boast about your great successes to myself i say i have heard enough
Since life for me it is such a great battle and i just hang in there when the going gets tough
But good luck to you i say and more successes since 'twould seem you have a successful career
But of your brand new car and your career promotion why should i an ordinary character wish to hear?

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