When I Imagine

Poem By Akilleas Sideous

When I breath the wind blows when I walk the ground shakes when I sleep the sun goes down when I sneeze a hurricane is formed when I cough a star is born when I stomp a fissure I caused and mountains rise if I fall the world will end when I inhale a black hole is made when I blink the sky gets dark when I turn my head the world spins when I run time shifts and when I die the galaxy will implode when I snap lightning strikes when I jump gravity reverses when I cry a ocean is made when I am hurt glass breaks
When my heart beats the galaxy expands im so sharp I cut blades when I spit it rains when my heart is broken the world is at war when I speak I disrupt sound waves when I yell I break the sound barrier when I look I see into other galaxies when I sleep I live my opposite life
when i smile someone finds love and when im happy a baby is born oh when i imagine

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