When I Kissed And When I Could Not

Recollecting the unforgettable moments
fragrance I still feel but the colors I have lost.
I remember a birthday party
enjoying the humors of your fourth birthday
as you were born on 29th of February
though you were appealing and exciting from all sides
your long silky shining hairs,
your breasts like buds slowly blossoming in a flower
your round arms restless to come around a neck
the petals of your lips excited to open
and to be kissed by a bumblebee,
on your sweet teen birthday
a funny fact
I saw only four candles on your birthday cake
though you were a perfect sweet sixteen.
but I saw sixteen intact candles yet to delight
a few in a sunny day
and a few in a moonlit night.
I thought leaving the rest for someone else
at least I can lit the candle of your lips.
When you pleased me with a dance
In my maiden life a virgin romance!
I dragged you in a lonely corner
and I lit the first candle,
on 29th of February,1964.
Your silent but naughty eyes I read
a friendly write
I could lit only one candle
and I should leave the rest
for one who is not merely a friend
someone more handsome
and more deserving for you.
Alas! I never knew
that was a parting kiss!
Now on 29th of February,2016
I am again dancing with you
I can read the write
of your sobers eyes,
"You should not extinguish
the first candle you lit
fifty-one years ago.
I am not only a mother
but a grandmother as well."
My leap year baby,
I know you are now a graceful lady.
Yet, I love both the birthdays
when I kissed
when I could not.

by Akhtar Jawad

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I see in you an eternal lover, ever green and fresh! Age hasn't done any damage to your love life! It is interesting to note that your sweet heart is a leap year baby! So you needn't blow many candles each year! ! Beautiful write!
The poem captivated my attention. eventually i'll sneak it into my/our February 2018 'showcase', found at this PH link: [[ to MyPoemList also ]] bri :) the link: www.poemhunter.com/poem/february-2018-showcase-for-and-often-by-p-h-members-poems-collected-from-willing-and-sometimes-un-willing-poets-for-your-reading-enjoyment/
i'm thinking that My leap year baby, does NOT mean that the one with the February 29th birthday..........(Leap Year birthday; occurs on calendars only every four years) ...............was actually born to the speaker, though the speaker claims to ('now') be a mother and grandmother. (to be continued) ...
In my maiden life a virgin romance! ........maiden as in 'first' voyage, or as in 'maiden name'/last name of a woman before marriage? i'm a bit 'confused? ' over the gender of the speaker, for several reasons. i see Loke Kok Yee aka (to me) Bro has suggested that this poem will soften even MY heart! ! ! :) (to be continued) ......
some favorite lines: your breasts like buds slowly blossoming in a flower your round arms restless to come around a neck.................i have a neck! time for a cold shower! ! ! i'd use light, not lit: at least I can lit the candle of your lips. /// i'm enthusiastic about this story. (to be continued) ....
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