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When I Kneel Down To Pray.......

When I kneel down to pray
then I only think of the God above us
My both hands are stretched out wide
and my eyes are closed when I pray for Him
God, I know you are there for us
therefore, I have no fear when I am close to you
God. I know the prayers can not be answered
unless they are prayed
therefore, I have no strifes when I pray of you
God, I know prayer brings my life worth living
therefore, I have no worries when I follow your precious precepts
God, I know the church gives me a shelter of peace
therefore, I have no loneliness when I am under your shelter
God, I know you will accept my prayers and bless me
therefore, I have no more tears rolling on my eyes
God, I know your mercy is everlasting and the truth lives on us
therefore, I have no fail in my life when I choose your path to live.

by Ravi Sathasivam

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