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When I Look

When I look into a mirror
I see hopes and I see dreams
My imagination becomes clearer
Sometimes I see my fathers genes.
I see sadness and also frustration
Dotted about the face
I see thinking and concentration
And I see loyalty and also grace.
I see worries and also sadness
When I look deeper into the lines
I see a soul calling out in distress
On many days and different times.
Sometimes I see the future
And many times I see the past
Sewed inside the soul with a suture
Knowing nothing forever will last.
I see hate and a need to avenge
As I look deeper into the mirror
But then I see woe and revenge
As my face becomes clearer.
I then see happiness and joy
And also satisfaction and peace
I see living and not one to destroy
When I look in the mirror I see me.

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