The Final Sentence

Its funny how the saying goes;
‘Best lessons are learnt from foes'!
Foes, of course the usual bad,
A judge by profession I seldom had;
This made me proud, this made me gall.
For until then, I thought I had won it all!

A case it was of normal chore,
The accused stood trial and he had swore.
But he dint plead guilty, nor did he gurn.
As charges showered, he dint care or spurn!
The prosecutor hath put it to bed;
I heard crosses, and he knew where it led,
"Condemned of course"! I almost had said!

It was then that I saw his wide lips purse.
'It's unfair'! , he shouted with a wry curse!
'Life imprisonment is absurd', he mocked;
'Execute me judge, instead', he choked!

Shocked I was as the proceedings led on,
'The man out there is a mere accused', I did scorn!
'Execution it is then', I cried out loud.
With a ruthless spite, like an enemy proud!
But he answered me with a smile begown';
Like the cause and effect he had already known.
I asked him why he chose this to bear! ?
"For a sumptuous meal and clothes to wear,
Was imminent now! ", for all I care.

'Make your point', I asked him at will.
For the judgements' made, u have time to beguile!
‘He looked at me, his smile had gone'; I read.
"Yes my lord. I'll reason now", he said,
For his words will smear his case, he knew instead!

'..a captured bird would die at will,
If it was made to believe-
That the ground it stood was the cage around;
And its sky, forever now, was barred and round!
For the freedom death would bequeath on it,
Would mean far more to it, than a life of blithe.
Alas! , u wouldn't know, for your destinies never fit! '

He spoke his heart and like a warrior's art!
He had won his battle, that brat.
Execution his blow; his freedom he bode.
He fought with pride and code!
For until then,
I thought i had won it all;
But the ecstasy of 'freedom' he had taught us all!


by s yadu krishnan

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Well I ll tell you this much sir, in my poetry collection there are few poems I wrote with so much emotions for two people I admire most.. And I v not got a positive reply yet from any one.. I feel you v written this with lots emotions.... feelings seems to ooze out.. The diction is simple, but I feel the simplicity says it all.... a genuine poem, written from heart With love shan