She said, she is tired of giving it up and not being dated
I said you getting older aren't you?
So of course you? re being dated
I can see the crinkle in her nose by what I just illustrated.
So I asked her is this the only reason you chose to be celibate?
She turned the frown upside down and with my humor she was baited
I treated her to a fish and chips and our friendship consummated
I showed her that she should be celebrated not just tolerated.
But every positive gesture I initiated only got negated
Because, the last man that she's been with made her a victim of
Circumstances what she further stated.
Here's the play by play script:
He took her out and got her inebriated
Swooped her up and got her feeling all exhilarated
Then back to the house and had unconsented sex with her
The coward should have just waited
Because, she was really feeling him until he raped it.
'It' being the private part and emotional connection
To her heart after the feeling of being violated
Now personally, I'm mad as ever because that act was cold
And every brother after the fact that she told
Has to clean up this aftermath he has created
In essence, to shine my powerful ultra violet rays of
Info on this putto *
He has made it harder on the next man,
And the next man, and the next man,
And some men aren't qualified for all the jobs in which they put in applications
You need to call a professional for the job! ! !
Where is East New York Jones when you need him?
He could get her mind right but there's a time and place for everything
These men see this girl as cute in the face,
Thin in the waist
With her own place
And the average creep can't peep when still waters run deep
If ya'll know what I mean
I know you've heard that once bitten you're twice shy
To lie next to some guy itching to get between her thighs
And since she hates him
When I am flirting with her,
It? s actually hurting her,
Because she remembers how much she was infatuated with him
And since this the hate that the hate produced
She will hate most or all the species she thinks he's associated with.
He killed the thrill of the hunt
because now to her all men are skirt chasers

by Merci Merc

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Well I ll tell you this much sir, in my poetry collection there are few poems I wrote with so much emotions for two people I admire most.. And I v not got a positive reply yet from any one.. I feel you v written this with lots emotions.... feelings seems to ooze out.. The diction is simple, but I feel the simplicity says it all.... a genuine poem, written from heart With love shan