When I'M Alone

When I'm alone
I sit and visualize a perilous past
Just a finger-breadth away from going mad
A constant recollection
Does it trouble me?
The audience guessed it
I think dishonesty is pretty pathetic
It's not always this dark
Push my mind aside and think from the heart
While I embark on a mission through the park
Wait until night
When everything became a shade out of sight
Where my accomplice is the limpid star light
Look towards the far right
There's a person dressed exactly as me
The shady hue makes it really hard to see
Get wind of white noise
I had to fight for a peace of mind
I find myself finding fault from time to time
Needless to say
I'm fairly paranoid when she's away
I'm not afraid
But I've seen too many games
And she's the same way
There's a storm cloud over my head
I could try to change it
I'll ignore it instead

by Dexsta Ray

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